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Halloween crafts

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 due to an ancient tradition of the ancient Celtic civilization. This town celebrated the “Samhain”, an act that ended the summer when the end of the harvests of this time arrived.

Tradition tells that once the summer was over, the souls of the dead returned every October 31st. The people of that time, to avoid being attacked by the dead, disguised themselves with terrifying clothes and masks, while offering them sweets to keep them happy.

This tradition has been adopted by later civilizations that little by little have evolved and spread it practically worldwide. It depends on the region you are in, this festival is also known by other names such as Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween Night.

Many ideas for your Halloween pumpkins

Halloween night cannot be conceived without its famous illuminated pumpkins, they are a symbol of this great party. It is for this reason that there are many crafts with pumpkins for Halloween.

Origami pumpkins, pumpkin garlands to decorate, pumpkin-shaped candy boxes to store the candies, hanging paper pumpkins, fun pumpkins for children and many ideas to make pumpkins with recyclable material.

In our tutorials you will learn to paint and decorate all kinds of pumpkins with many different materials. Search our list of Halloween crafts and choose the idea that you like the most. Not scary!

It is not just a celebration for children

In recent years this festival has been established in countries that until recently did not have this tradition, such as the example of Spain.

Although at first many people denied this custom, more and more people enjoy spiders, pumpkins, zombies, ghosts and other monsters associated with this party.

Currently it has gone from being a celebration for children to being a true feast of fear, where young adolescents and even adults, do not hesitate to dress up, put on makeup, sing songs and decorate their homes to celebrate it. They even prepare food recipes for Halloween.

Crafts for Halloween decoration

If much of the appeal of Halloween is the costumes, the other great part is the decoration. Families decorate their houses with all kinds of terrifying and monstrous decorations to scare everyone who comes to visit them.

Crafts have become an essential element to shape Halloween decoration, since we can make it to our liking and it can be as cheap and customizable as we want. If you are passionate about ghosts, you can decorate exclusively with ghosts, for example.

For this reason, we have included a large number of decoration ideas for Halloween in our tutorials. Do not miss it!

Halloween is a popular party that each year has more followers, with many families who, with the arrival of the autumn cold, begin to look for Halloween ideas and crafts to decorate their home, make terrifying accessories for their costumes or create an unforgettable Halloween party .

Children have a special role in this party, so Halloween crafts for children take on a special role. Candy boxes, illuminated pumpkins or accessories for their costumes are just a few details that they can make with their own hands. They love!

We offer you a large number of ideas explained in step-by-step video, so you can create a real horror party to your liking. And don’t worry, it’s not scary, it’s super fun. Happy Halloween Night!

Easy cobwebs to decorate on Halloween (3 Ideas)

We have 3 easy Halloween spider web ideas that you can use as decoration, each easier. So do not miss this video, because in less than 5 minutes you will be very clear which cobwebs you can use to decorate your Halloween party.

Each spider web is made with a different material, but all of them are very accessible, easy to get and above all super cheap. So you have no excuse to fill everything with spider webs


Black paper

Hot silicone

Garbage bag



Glue gun

crafts  halloween

Recommendations and ideas for this craft

As these are very simple crafts that also use very cheap and accessible materials, they are a great idea to decorate schools and colleges. We have a double benefit, the children can do manual work and they will help to decorate their classes with very cheap and easy to find materials.

The main function of these cobwebs is to decorate, you can hang them from the ceiling, the corners of the walls, windows and doors, etc. In addition, they have the advantage that you can make them as big as you want, so the same idea will serve you to decorate a wall or to make small details to decorate a terrifying Halloween dinner.

If you want to see the tutrial step by step of each of the cobwebs, you can access them by clicking on these links:

Don’t forget that a spider is always found near a web.

If you want to make a cool spider, we encourage you to visit our easy Halloween crafts section, where you will find several spiders made with different materials. Choose the one you like the most!

Easy paper crafts for Halloween
Compilation of crafts for Halloween with very easy paper, it is about 4 Halloween origami figures that you can make with your own hands only by folding a sheet of paper (without glue).

The paper figures that you are going to learn to make are: the bat, the skull, a ghost and a very simple pumpkin. They are all very easy to make, so it is a great idea to make them with children, they will love to help you with the decorations for Halloween night.



Recommendations and ideas for this craft

We have selected paper figures that are simple to make with the little ones in the house, so they can make them with their own hands and have fun while helping you prepare the Halloween decorations.

We have used origami techniques, which consists of folding the paper over itself until the desired figure is obtained. Therefore, as you will see all these ideas we have not used glue, it is as simple as folding the paper.

A very important part of the craft is to paint the details with a marker. Since at that moment you can choose to make friendly faces, as we have done or paint terrifying faces, with angry eyebrows and that are very scary. If you are going to do it with young children, we recommend the first option, but this is something that is left to your choice.

This video is a compilation of easy ideas for Halloween with paper, so you will see that all the paper figures have been recorded in fast motion. If you want to access the complete tutorials, here are all the Halloween origami explained step by step:

As you already know, at Crafts Play we love to make crafts with paper, that’s why on our website you will find a multitude of crafts made with this material. And if what you love is celebrating the Day of the Dead, we have many more easy ideas for Halloween, don’t miss them.

Easy paper spider web for Halloween

We show you how to make a paper spider web step by step, a very easy craft that you can use to decorate Halloween night. Take a piece of paper and a pair of scissors and you’ll see how in a few minutes you will have a lot of cobwebs made by yourself.

Like almost all paper crafts, this idea is very inexpensive, accessible and easy to do. Share with the little ones in the house a great time making these simple cobwebs and decorate your home together. It will be terrifying!


Recommendations and ideas for this craft

Making this spider web is very simple, you will only need a sheet of colored paper that you prefer and some scissors. If you follow the instructions in the video you will see that this craft is super easy to do.

We have used a black card, but you can really make it with the type of paper you have at home. You just have to keep in mind that the thicker the paper, the stiffer your web will be and the thinner it will have a more hanging effect.

These spider webs are a perfect idea to use as decoration, especially for Halloween. You can hang them from the window or wall, put them in a corner on the ceiling, or simply decorate a piece of furniture or the table

As you will see, in the video we have used a paper spider to put it on top of the web. You can make spiders of the material you prefer, in our Halloween crafts section you will find several of different materials, choose the one you like the most.