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Quarantined Crafts: Best Websites and Easy Tutorials

Crafts are one of the most common resources to spend entertaining time but also a perfect option to make special gifts at certain times of the year such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween … To liven up the time at home, to do with adults or with the little ones, to give as gifts or simply to learn new things or have a good time. For this reason, we review some of the best websites to do crafts with children or alone, at home.

Most of those for making crafts allow you to filter by materials to find only options with things you have at home, they allow you to filter by theme or by utility. They are not only useful for entertainment or learning, but they also allow you to create new things that you can use. From photo frames to jewelry boxes, coat racks, costumes, baskets or toys with the most basic.

Small business

Pequeocio is one of the most complete pages for making crafts with children. One of the best to do step-by-step crafts and divided by material or by age so that you can find something that adapts to the level of children or what you have at home. You will find all kinds of designs not only for materials or ages but also for special moments such as crafts for Mother’s Day, Christmas crafts or Halloween crafts.

The Pequeocio website is one of the most complete and you will find crafts to make with bottles, with cardboard, with cardboard, with wool, with straws, with ice cream sticks, with stones, with paper, with tweezers, with fabric … Easy ideas for children and babies or for adults and complete tutorials of everything you must do step by step. But in addition, the web has all kinds of coloring pictures, games, puzzles or activities with which to review mathematics or any other subject.


This blog is one of the best for making crafts for adults if you want to spend time at home devising and perfecting manual works. You will find options and techniques for patchwork, crochet, decoupage, scrapbooking, costume jewelery … Tutorials for all kinds of options with different materials. In addition, the page has its own store so you can buy what you want or the tools you need to carry out the step-by-step ideas that are in them. One of the most complete although focused, above all, on adults and not so much on the little ones.


If you are looking for crafts for children, the Pocoyo website is one of the best crafts websites that you can find with all kinds of ideas for school, for birthdays, with felt, with eva rubber, with cardboard … Just choose the category you want and you will see the materials you will need and the step-by-step tutorial. Many also include a video with instructions or the possibility of downloading a template in case you need it for that particular craft.

Beyond being one of the best options to do with children, the Pocoyo website not only has craft ideas but you can also find children’s applications, games for the little ones or videos to watch with them. And you can also download drawings to print and color by hand. Carnival, animal, food, Valentine’s, Halloween drawings


Childtopia is a website focused on school content of all levels or for any child. You will find resources for infant, primary, secondary or even university. But beyond resources and news you can access a crafts section with ideas for the little ones in the house. Very basic materials such as cardboard, cotton or thread will be enough to carry out these simple and uncomplicated tutorials, suitable to do with children. You will find it in the form of a blog with compilations of crafts by themes or special moments, for example, like Christmas or Halloween.

Ideas in 5 minutes

Some YouTube channels are also the best tool if you are looking to do crafts with children because they will give you quick and fun video tutorials. Also, they are usually very colorful. One of the best is Ideas in 5 minutes with videos of between ten and twenty minutes that compiles from DIY fish tanks to experiments or how to make plasticine but also “crazy ideas”.

It is not so much an option to follow explained step-by-step tutorials but videos with quick and short ideas that you can watch and copy. Most of them are compilations that will only take you a few seconds and that are really useful to entertain the little ones in the house. For example, drawing tips, what to do with colored pencils or even how to decorate books and notebooks that we have at home.

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Handfie is one of the best for making crafts and allows you to filter in five different ways: by categories, by home areas, by product, by base material or by trends. Step by step tutorials to decorate a home mirror like a professional but also to make rabbit masks or Batman costume. The topics are very varied and the tutorials are explained step by step with a short sheet that will tell you how long it will take or what level it is. Also, in a photo you will see all the materials and tools you want. You can read the instructions accompanied by photos or bet on the videos that most crafts include and that will help you follow the steps correctly.

With my children

Conmishijos is a magazine for parents but also one of the best websites to make children’s crafts that you can filter by age or by materials. Beads, cardboard, cardboard, felt, balloons, magnets, paper, salt paste, plasticine … You can also choose all kinds of categories for “utility” such as storage or carnival or accessories or birthdays. You will also find masks, dolls, toys, masks, hats or toys of all kinds that can be made with children.

It is one of the most complete pages with all kinds of step-by-step tutorials with photographs that you can follow. You will be able to see a list of materials and step-by-step photographs of what you will have to do to achieve spectacular results such as a Christmas market stall, a monster-shaped basket, a dragon with craft glasses or castles or stress balls.

The page has a list of crafts for parties or crafts by material, for adults or for children. We will find fun recipes, experiments for children or homemade costumes that we can easily make at home at any level and with the help of the little ones. Masks, crowns, pinwheels, invitations, bookmarks, flowers. You can choose by materials or by type, as in the rest of the websites to make crafts on the list. When accessing you will see step-by-step photographs, instructions and you will also find videos of a few minutes that will help you follow the steps correctly and without difficulty.

Although it is a page focused on the little ones, it is also a recommended option to keep older people entertained or if we like to be creative or want to look for ideas to make dolls or for specific parties such as Easter, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Father’s Day. of the mother


Although it is not one of the best crafts websites as such, it is the best resource that you will find with tutorials of all kinds and all the materials that you can think of. On Pinterest you will find design ideas, patterns for crafts, tutorials … Just search for what you want and hundreds of images will appear. For example, search for “felt crafts” and you will find over 600 different options that you can copy. Not only unused crafts but also useful at home such as roll holders, photo frames or even cases or jewelry boxes to store everything you want. You will only have to do a search and all the recent results will appear.